Love, I Presume? in Guitar Player Magazine (JeeWee)

“Donkers’ thick and articulate tone is so clear, sad and insistent that it shot right through my speakers to command my rapt attention. His evocative touch really brings melodies to life, and a sick bend, a surprising stylistic twist, or a dynamic shift keeps things from getting too sweet. Awesome.”

(Michael Molenda, Chief Editor of Guitar Player Magazine on ‘Love, I Presume’)

JeeWee was chosen into “Editor Boy’s Big Eight” by Michael Molenda, chief editor of Guitar Player Magazine. Every month, Michael chooses eight new guitarists worth listening to on

Apart from some material prizes like a t-shirt and strings, JeeWee was featured briefly in the December 2008 issue of Guitar Player Magazine, which is the world’s #1 selling guitar mag – and also JeeWee’s favourite for years already. Furthermore, two of his songs will be broadcasted on EB Radio, Ernie Ball’s internet radio station.

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